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Regardless of whether you are a beginner Tipster in front of your adventure in the world of bookmakers, looking for basic information, or you are already experienced and want to know more, check what we have prepared into Bettlinglex website.

Especially recommended is a series of articles introducing to the betting methodology called valuable types. You will also find here overview of the betting systems, examples of valuable tips vs “public bets", an database of external portals/websites from which you can pick info for your own tips. This is just a sample of the interesting articles published for you.

Referring to the mission of Bettinglex activity, described on the About us page, we would like to emphasize that education, sharing reliable analyzes and betting methodology are the key values for us, therefore the information you will find here is always of high quality, so you can make conscious decision 1 x 2 or “No Bet".