Sunday September 5 2021 16:07

Bulgaria – Lithuania

Event date: 05/09/2021
Meeting hour: 17:00
Your stake: 8
Odds: 1/1
Your Tip: 1 (-1ah)

Despite the huge advantage of Italians in the previous game, Bulgaria was able to take 1 point from the unfriendly stadium. In this match it will be much easier, Lithuania is not one of the hegemons of European football, which was shown by losing with Northern Ireland 1: 4. They play in an experimental line-up, from the basic eleven, which we have been watching from several years, there are 4 players left: Novikowas, Slivka, Cernych, Setkus, the rest of the team cannot play with each other. Their quality level is also lowest than today’s opponent.

Wednesday September 1 2021 19:18

Norway – Netherlands

Event date: 01/09/2021
Meeting hour: 19:45
Your stake: 7
Odds: 1/1
Your Tip: 2

In the World Cup qualification Norway with Haaland in front will meet with Netherlands. Norway will play today in a highly experimental line-up’s, 6 players from the core squad and 6 newcomers. Jarstein, Svensson, Midtsjio, Berg, King, Sorolth will not play. Some misalignment will be visible between formation and some missing skills in replacements. If the Dutch don’t let Haaland expand his skills, they should win this game. On the other hand, the orange is almost in the strongest squad, only 3 replacements: Klassen, Gakpo, Berghuis.