Sunday October 10 2021 16:39

Widzew Lodz – GKS

Event date: 10/10/2021
Meeting hour: 17:00
Your stake: 8
Odds: 8/11
Your Tip: 1 (-1ah)

Widzew taking first place in the 1st league in a very good series of wins. Today they should continue this series. They will face GKS, occupying a bottom position, without any staffing problems. The guests in the last match lost 2 defenders and lost 1: 5 with ARKA. Today will play without: Borkała, Feruga, Gajda, Balboa.

Saturday August 28 2021 12:03

Lech – Pogon

Event date: 28/08/2021
Meeting hour: 16:30
Your stake: 8
Odds: 5/6
Your Tip: 1

Lech finally plays at the level he presented some time ago. The victory with Lechia is bright light on the hosts shape nowadays. Pogon on the paper is also okay, a win with the newcomer Stal, but it is not the same as the Ponan Team. The earlier defeat with Zaglebie reflects their current level. Additionally, there is a few important absences into guests squad: Cibicki, Dąbrowski, Gorgon, Żurawski. Lisicki is still under question mark if play.

Friday November 20 2020 19:03

Gornik Zabrze – Piast Gliwice

Event date: 20/11/2020
Meeting hour: 19:30
Your stake: 7
Odds: 7/8
Your Tip: 1 (0ah)

Gornik Zabrze after last draw with Slalsk would like to comeback on the winning path. Without any problems or suspensions Today. Guest from the other side are in different shape. Coach Fornalik is looking for optimum squad rotating players, additional today will have some problems. Into last game there was a draw in last minute by penalty by Zyro (96’). This striker Today won’t play, also out are Huk, Lipski, Jodłowiec, Holubek.

Saturday November 14 2020 08:36

Widzew Lodz – Resovia Rzeszow

Event date: 14/11/2020
Meeting hour: 11:40
Your stake: 6
Odds: 8/11
Your Tip: 1

Hosts after series of 3 draws with higher table located rivals. Widzew will meet with Resovia which is form struggling at the moment, after last lost with Belchatow 3:0. Additionally after this game injured is main defender Kubowicz. His missing will be huge weaknesses for the team. Also out remain striker Dziubiński and midfielder Radulj.

Friday November 13 2020 14:50

Arka Gdynia – GKS Belchatow

Event date: 13/11/2020
Meeting hour: 15:00
Your stake: 7
Odds: 7/8
Your Tip: 1 (-1ah)

Arka is going to take all 3 points from this game. In- form Hosts 2 previous matches won with handicap, without any suspensions today. Guests are playing 3rd game within week time, so they are really tired. Today coach placed 2 second team players into match squad : Najemski i Blanik.

Saturday November 7 2020 08:24

LKS Lodz – Chrobry Glogow

Event date: 07/11/2020
Meeting hour: 11:40
Your stake: 7
Odds: 8/11
Your Tip: 1 (-1ah)

LKS is looking for a win in game with Chrobry, switching in the same time on 1st league position. In-form host team without any suspensions didn’t lost from couple of rounds. In the other shape, team from Glogow, there are currently into crisis without win from 5 matches. Into previous one red cards was punished midfielder Cywka. Coach is changing squad looking for optimum shape, what for LKS can be not enough Today.

Friday October 16 2020 18:37

Odra Opole – Radomiak

Event date: 16/10/2020
Meeting hour: 18:45
Your stake: 5
Odds: 12/5
Your Tip: 1

In form Odra will have big chance to take 1st table position together with LKS after overcoming Radomiak in this match. It’s perfect occasion for that, cause guest coach Banasik will rotate his squad due to last series of lost. He will change main defenders: Bogusz, Swidzikowski, midfielder Kvocera and 2 strikers Leonardo and Podlinski. Team spirit is really question mark for guest, for of players replacements also.

Sunday October 4 2020 14:30

Termalica – Radomiak

Event date: 04/10/2020
Meeting hour: 18:00
Your stake: 7
Odds: 7/6
Your Tip: 1

After last lost match Radomiak will struggling to set tight players for this game. Questionable to play are: Kozak, Karwot, Leandro, Kaput. Additionally one player received positive result in Covid tests so will not play Today.

In-form Termalica lost only once so far with Arka. Today without any injured or suspended players.

Friday September 25 2020 14:25

Gornik – Wisla Krakow

Event date: 25/09/2020
Meeting hour: 19:30
Your stake: 8
Odds: 11/8
Your Tip: 1(-1ah)

High flying Gornik will meet Wisła with the strongest possible line-up.
On the other hand, we hear really bad news about Covid-19 from Wisła Kraków. There are a few administrative features that are affected by the virus and the club is yet to say if it also affects players. The second thing is the rotation of teams for today’s match. The coach mentioned to change of several players after the last lost of the 3-0 game with Wisła Płock. Injured players also include Daniel Hoyo-Kowalskie and Michał Mak. So all these conditions for the game with Górnik may cause Wisła to lose.

Wednesday September 16 2020 16:50

Widziew Lodz – LKS Lodz

Event date: 16/09/2020
Meeting hour: 18:10
Your stake: 7
Odds: 1/1
Your Tip: 2(-1ah)

Derby game it’s not a perfect time or looking of improvement and checking players conditions. This is already happening into Widzew squad Today. Trainer said after last lost game 3:0 with Chrobry to replace a couple of players and check for improvements. Looking for the guests, they are in a good shape, without injures, won 2 last league matches: 4:0 with Odra and 3:0 against Stomil. In Today’s game result should be similar.