Sunday December 5 2021 12:24

Lok. Sofia – Ludogorets

Event date: 05/12/2021
Meeting hour: 12:30
Your stake: 9
Odds: 4/6
Your Tip: 2 (-1ah)

Lokomotiv from Sofia suffered a lot during the last derby with CSKA, the terrible form is due to the lack of several key players: Orachev, Aleksandrov, Loala, Katsilas, Bouhmidi. The guests – the leader of the table, in full speed and in the right squad, should have no problems defeating the poorly prepared hosts from Sofia.

Friday December 18 2020 15:32

CSKA Sofia – Levski Sofia

Event date: 18/12/2020
Meeting hour: 16:00
Your stake: 8
Odds: 9/11
Your Tip: 1 (-1ah)

It’s derby time in Sofia Today. Levsky is not prepared for this game, in opposite to CSKA team. Hosts are plaything really poor into league, without won from 4 matches, into last they lost 2 main players . In total they cannot count on 5 main players: defenders Atanasov, Starokin, midfielders Dmitrov, Mohammed, striker Yurukov.

Friday October 30 2020 16:45

Lok. Plovdiv – Montana

Event date: 30/10/2020
Meeting hour: 17:15
Your stake: 9
Odds: 7/8
Your Tip: 1(-1ah)

In-form Lokomotive is swolling opponents one after another, only one draw into last 6 games. Today will they fight into strongest squat against weakened Montana – 3rd tem from the bottom. Guests have squad issues and are looking for optimum shape, but last lost game showed that there are still weak. Today will now play striker – Georgiev, midfielders – Yordanov, Tsvetkov, Baldzinsky, defenders – Aytov, Tsonkov. In total we will see 5 newcomers today.