Friday September 3 2021 22:56

Defensa Justicia – Central Cordoba

Event date: 03/09/2021
Meeting hour: 23:00
Your stake: 8
Odds: 1/1
Your Tip: 1

Defensa in the argentinian league goes to the full stake today. The previous game with the last team in the league was wasted and ended in a draw. Today they cannot make the same mistakes. In that game, they dominated the whole match, but they missed the goal. Today, the opponent should help them, he is struggling with squad problems, and qualitatively also lags behind the hosts. 5 basic visitors cannot play, in the previous game their lack was visible and they lost 4: 2: Vega, Galeano, Arganaraz, Andueza, Maciel.

Sunday August 29 2021 09:40

Arsenal Sarandi – Defensa Justicia

Event date: 29/08/2021
Meeting hour: 17:30
Your stake: 7
Odds: 1/1
Your Tip: 2

Arsenal, is the last team in the Argentine league table. They are during disastrous 3-game losing series. Squad shortages for the home team are also crucial: Andrada, Baez, Gariglio, Ortiz, Sepulveda. Last game was lost with 23rd into table Rosario 4:0 after really poor competition. Highflying Defensa is definitely not a good team to break. The guests are climbing the table, last win over Old Boys 2-0, previously a draw with the leader of the table.