Regulations for publishing in the Betting Tips section

The aim of the “Betting Tips" section and the Tipsters who are publishing into, is to write articles/analysis about sports events. The article must contain as a minimum of 50 words and it should include predicted result and the appropriate justification.
Before publication Tipster must specify the category / sport discipline where analysis belongs to, provide the latest odds from the Bookies collaborated with portal and appropriate stake (1-10). In case of predicted result with additional conditions like Asian, European handicaps, Overtime, DNB, etc., this information should be included to Tips.
The recommended practice is to create an account with the Operator from the list of Bettinglex partners and to provide the odds from these bookmakers.
The Tipster may publish a maximum of 5 analyzes on one day, in any category and for any event available from the website partners.

By publishing an article on the website, the Tipster accepts these regulations.

Publication should happen no later than 30 minutes before the start of the event. If posted after the event has started, bet will be marked as lost into Tipster statistics.

The event is published after pressing the “Publish" button, when all required fields are fulfilled. The analyzes are saved automatically in the system. Unpublished analyzes are not taken into account in the competition and are not included in the Tipster statistics. Event is blocked for editing after pressing “Publish” button and any critical errors can only be corrected by the Administrator after e-mail. The Administrator has the right to change the content of published articles / tips.

Events that are canceled or unresolved are not included in the Tipster statistics.

The “referee’s whistle" decides the final outcome of the event and this result is taken into account (if not stated otherwise by Tipster).

Tipsters are obliged to create a comment with final results under their published tips. Administrator and other Tipsters also have the right to enter the results of finished events in a case whet original Author forgot to do so.

The Tipster of the month is coming from the Tipster Ranking after fulfillment of following requirements:

  • He published at least 3 analyzes in month
  • He achieved the highest result of published analyzes in a given month.
  • His score is greater than zero.
  • He is ranked at first place in the Tipster Ranking published on The ranking is calculated on the basis of the Yield of the tipsters and is sorted from the highest.

Administrator reserves the right to change the regulations at any time and without giving a reason.

All disputes and ambiguities that are not regulated by these statements are resolved by the Administrator. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the website also apply.

The Regulations enter into force on July 1, 2020.