Saturday November 20 2021 10:03

Lokomotiv Mmoscow – Ahmat Grozny

Event date: 20/11/2021
Meeting hour: 13:30
Your stake: 8
Odds: 8/15
Your Tip: 2 (-1ah)

Lokomotiv after the last derby, Mockwa suffered a lot and lost many players. The draw they achieved with Spartak was paid for by numerous injured and suspended players, so Today cannot play: Anjorin, Barinov, Jedvaj, Kulikov, Magkeev, Maradishvili, Miranchuk, Tiknizyan, Ze Luis, Zhemaletdinov. Akhmat won the last game 3: 1 with Novogord, you can see improvements in the quality of the game, the chances of not losing this match are high.

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