Tuesday November 17 2020 18:14

Croatia – Portugal

Event date: 17/11/2020
Meeting hour: 19:45
Your stake: 7
Odds: 8/7
Your Tip: 2

Croatia have quite big problems in front of meeting with strong Portugal and goals hungry Ronaldo. After last lost with France, Portugal is looking for revenge and bounce back. From the other side Croatian coach Zlatko Dalić struggling on the pre-match conference about squad problems and point in which is currently whole nation team. So Croatia is during transformation so team spirit isn’t so strong, a lot of players are missing. Coach said that 7-8 main players are gone, 4 of them – defenders are missing today: Ćaleta-Car , Pongračić , Uremović , Vida. So for “Cristina” who should score and rest Portugal crew it should be enough to win.

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